Who Needs To Fill Out A Waiver:

How To Complete A Waiver:

  • All jumpers regardless of age must have a valid waiver on file.


  • Jumpers under 18 years of age must have a waiver filled out by their parent or court-assigned legal guardian.


  • Jumpers 18 or older may fill out a safety waiver for themselves. These jumpers must present a valid photo ID at the time of check-in to verify identification and age.

  • If you are a parent filling out a waiver, click on "Myself & Children". If you are a jumper over the age of 18, click on "Myself".

  • Fill out identification information and contact information of the parent/adult jumper first.

  • If applicable, fill out identification information of your child.

  • Review and agree to the waiver agreement before selecting "Submit The Waiver".

  • The waiver will be submitted electronically to our computer system and can be accessed by searching for the jumpers name upon arrival.


5 Mary Way, Hainesport, NJ 08036

5 Mary Way, Hainesport, NJ 08036

Stratosphere Trampoline Park Hainesport, NJ

ADDRESS: 5 Mary Way, Hainesport, NJ 08036

PHONE: 609-914-4470

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